Young Chris Old School Caddy Lyrics

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Gotta push the water like throw it
Drop Cobey, numbers to roll omens
That boy good, got me flowing
Nigga scared, I be knowing to fuck boy's behowen
Dragqueens fuck buddy buddies, but that's illegal
In my tag team
Viewing some songs
When they doing you wrong
Right to the tit
Straight to the funeral home
Right back on my shit like you in the zone
I threaded 3-0-1, and my (???)
Passing the penny, passing the henny
I'm Messiah, you niggas try to get to Heaven
Traping out to the city, the bag is empty
And the passage is rolling
Me and Mac independent
Now it's a new tape, new J
Dark side, bitch, feel safe
First man, Mark Dillye 2 k
Part of them in L.A.,
More bitches than Cruise Hay
Put her right up in the suple
A k k kid the push it, tooth play
Ah, get out the way when the tooth spray

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