Indigofera Old Burden Lyrics

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Sexy moves…
… In shadows you hide
Hysterical grooves…
… Fascinating, charming

You may never reveal me your secrets
So ‘better be aware of them…
Or someday you’ ll confess them for your life!

Carving a headline
Always casting back
Speculating as if I didn’t have a choice
An old burden for me,
these two-edged tales
In which one step to madness is all

I’ll never fear trusting no one
I’ll disappear it won’t take long
I won’t regret heading on

Chilly night did not foretell:
“False efforts in her eyes”
Or it could be that I can’t take it:
“Sharing love, sharing prizes“

And then I see beyond reality
And then I ratify through a poisoned mind
(A brainwashed’s pride)
If that’s so, I’ll never know... No!
(Wandering away... wondering why...)

So I will fear: I’ll build solid walls
(‘Cause) Excessive freedom may destroy homes
I won’t forget… They just won’t let me

And I still bear that Old Burden
It makes me feel… Makes me feel touched
So I realize: maybe everything’s backwards…
And there will come a time to be back home
(Where the rain is pouring down)
In the meantime, I’ll be waiting for the night!
Healing in the dark!

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