Gazette Okuribi (English) Lyrics

Though until yesterday we were laughing that cheerful
I am fine you said to me like that you were saying it
Even if the visiting time in the hospital passed by I stand with you
Try hard I said and Don t give up I said (and) by a cheerful seeming voice

The night becomes bright and the town is decorated by the flowers of the funeral and I (We) say goodbye to you
Your sleeping face has in an uncertain feeling still remained it's redness

If I look back it is always like you (we) are laughing, crying
I have a feeling as if you are (still) there
Trusting (Believing) was horrible and I was escaping (from it) the regrettable truth (is)
Although you are (were) incessantly harder, aren t (weren t) you [Although with you it is (was) incessantly harder, isn t (wasn t)] it
Everyone unites the hands (and) to the person who will not come back, for farewell

You are (seen and) protected by your friends, your family and turning to the end
And towards new days you (will) start to walk (once) again

Until becoming bones (I) could sit down and maybe (it) was (would be) hot? For certain (it) was (would be) hard
But certainly (it) could become easier (easy)
The only one white smoke which rised (up) on(to) the sky for you
Because (it will) carry you to the paradise (for me)

The sky I looked up to (was) blue and for all eternity I (will) think of you
Eternally reaching for your hand
If I look back it is always like you (we) are laughing, crying
I had a feeling as if you were (still) there
I will not forget (you)

So, when I die I wanna this song to be played during the burial...

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