AZ Oil Money Gang Lyrics

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Store dot
This here
This here is bigger
Put some money then shoot boxes
Of that nature
I sold 90s
Grow up niggers
Get the plastic swiper
Get a dick
Get licked
What's you name bro?
Oil money

You know the fiasco
Cut course like Costco
Formaldehyde is like homicide
To your nostrils
Rapper pastor into rap to the hostiles
Unstoppable, these niggers trapped in their costumes
Call one, yo walk to a mom soon
Massive releases peak my thesis
Of a tycoon
Corporate, to fly to ever forfeit
Fear, get gorgeous
Those try with the orbits
I'm here
Pawns and halos
Fist corners potatoes
Performed love
On a dog getting licked
On the k-cos
Puff on the paysouls
Put the drop on the payroll
Half of a mayo
Hard top hopping the day lows
So play dough
It only frustrate 'cause niggers fake
Gotta be on dollar face on
A 2 million dollar face
So many fighting motherfuckers
Got me feeling outta place

Niggers like :'Yo, you wanna win, you gotta go mainstream'
I guess I'll never win
I flow too much like the ocean
I'm from the trunk you ever
So fuck whoever
Chess play for the cheddar
Only trust two letters
Checkerboard on a sweater
That's the storm of rapper
Feeling like Mr Mocker
Message out of Mecca
Nigger I'm a decipher
Louboutin stepper
Like your own collector
Then it's fun, etcetera
A hustler that's homage
To those who bondage
Earth see of a Ghandi
God is currently gone
Astonished to see the mechanics and niggers at it
Force of finally trashed it
Hoping partners get granted
Man at the presser
Fries the salmon for breakfast
Fuckin' them pretty balls
That claim they manage possession
Stan is the freshest
Deliver with deleverage for the flow quit it
Ni gimmick shit
Viller's up a ball vision
Fuck you man!
We fuck this thing together
Me, that who!
Who do I trust?

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