Yukmouth Oh Boy! Lyrics

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[Verse 1]
Yukmouth be off the chain like a rottweiler
Spit flame I **** lava, became the bass baller
Sip 'pagne in the drop troller
Give game to shot callers
Who bring the spot prouder
Campaigne, off course they gonna holler (Oh boy!)
*****, bandana'ed up and tatted out
Bling blingin, neck, wrist and mouth platted out
Lavish out (Oooh!) tycoon, livin but sav it up (Oooh ooh)
Send a package out till they strike a batter out (Oh boy!)
If you ain't got 2 or 3 TV's and DVD's don't even ride your ****
If you ain't sittin on 20's, go and buy some ****
When we ride and make you handcuff and hide your ***** (Oh boy!)
When your under arrest cause ??? all over her breasts
And under her dress, she run to her ex
Puttin hickeys all on her neck
She bought me a Lex
Playboy, its all on a ***** (Oh boy!)

When you see me and my *****s come boy
Got these playa hatas annoyed(Oh boy!)
I just flipped the new big body toy
Got these playa hatas annoyed (Oh boy!)
So much money and iced up in this gator boy
Got these playa hatas annoyed(Oh boy!)
Pop your collar like a real playboy
Got these playa hatas annoyed (Oh boy!)

[Verse 2]
Ballers check your credentials
You gotta be over spotted, Geneva watch and know our
Pockets not a presedential
**** a rental, **** a limo
Ridin luxury, descend through see them porno movies
Playin in my window (Oh boy!)
Chokin pillows, a white spliff though indo
Puff X, Lou Ferrino tough acts on Armadillo
Bust of 'Ville dough, creepin to the jungle the woods
In the Hillsboro, totin the pistol because we still roll (Oh boy!)
Yo Yuk plus L.T equals very roll deep
Gold teeth, fat belly's like Forty Fonzarelli
*****s smell me, so while you twerkin
Surfin on the block hurtin
I went huntin',workin excursions (Oh boy!)
Iced up, like what
Playa hate but ya momma and ya ***** like Yuk
Always ridin on my nuts cause I'm the hardest ***** to spit out the West
Mouth full of diamonds, I'll swallow ice **** out baguettes (Oh boy!)


[Verse 3]
Cop a dollar, pop a bottle pop a pill
If you about the dollar bill that'll make ya swallow steel
Just because I got a deal, that doesn't mean I'm not for real
***** I'm straight up out the 'Ville, my *****s kill for the scrill' (Oh boy!)
I smoke like a chimney, drink Remy till its empty
I'm the hottest thing since 20's on Bently's
I'm simply, baller-ific went from roaches on the water ridges
To smokin ??? up in this (Oh boy!)
Now we have the *** for cash
PlayStation in the Range, Dreamcast in the Jag
Navigation in the dash, situation on fast
Lavish pack platinum package platinum peices to match (Oh boy!)
I keep a rolla, make ya tuck in ya gold
I'm iced out finger ****in ya hoe
Gettin sucked in the 'Rove
Or catch beef, roll up that Extasy
Broken heavily smokin
Live and direct from East Oakland (Oh boy!)

[Chorus] X2

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  • Written by: Jerald Willis, Lenton Tereill Hutton
    Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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