Avec Tristesse Of Emotions Lyrics

How Innocence Dies Track Listing
  • 1 I Am but One
  • 2 All Love Is Gone
  • 3 A View of the End
  • 4 Escapism
  • 5 Through My Eyes
  • 6 Presence Ignored
  • 7 Lost in Your Complexity
  • 8 Of Emotions
  • 9 As Years Pass By
  • 10 Avant les Ténèbres
  • 11 Angel After Dark
  • 12 Skeptical and Gone

  • When tears dry
    I finally have a sign
    That my love for you
    Is just a dreamkind

    When tears dry
    I loose my mind
    And memories fall asleep in a dream

    And I feel emptiness once again
    With deep pain inside

    A wicked mind behind her eyes
    Her beauty is beyond heaven and hell
    And her voice gave me a dark will

    Whispering in silence, dancing with desire
    You make me feel forever
    But it's really killing me

    Blood shed from my heart
    Like a decorative colour
    In your sick gallery of emotions
    And I'll say farewell
    I'll say farewell

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