Ultimate Fakebook Of Course We Will Lyrics

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Pull the covers up, turn out the lights
Believe me, it'll be alright
I know you had it in your sights
But still you can't stay up all night

Let down - you're spun around
You just can't think about that now
'Cause it's never quite like the plans your head dreams up
And I'm telling you know that...

We could dream all night here baby 'bout our time in the sun
It takes a lot to get things done, but of course we will
And we can't spend our time on something that might not ever come
So just sit back 'cause this I know: of course we will

So you've tried to hold it in
But still it doesn't help when they say
"Hey get up! Sit down again!"
I guess that's how it goes and

There's no sound - you're spun around
You just can't let it get you down
'Cause that movie that's called "Life Sucks" stars everyone
And you're a bit part, girl


Written by: Eric Melin, Nichelos Colby, William Mcshane
Lyrics © Spirit Music Group

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