Galderia Ocean of Light Lyrics

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From the ashes of the lies, we are rising from the stones
Legions of the light, we share the dream of love
And the spirit in our heart, the strength to carry on
We are rising on, rising on and on
From a world of misery, where illusion's all around
We break the chains of agony to rise up with the stars
Joy is our key to sail the ocean of light
We are sinning on, shining on and on
We are sailing on, sailing on and on

To the land where all dreams are calling
We sail the ocean of love
Through the storms we transcend all fears
In the soul the spirit lives on
And the quest for life's never-ending
We sail an ocean of light
Through the stars our land is awaiting
We are one, and the spirit lives on
To the air and the sea
We are born to be free
Now we sail to the ocean of dreams
To the stars from above
To the ocean of love
We are one in a same energy
We are one, horn to be free!!
When the world does understand that the power is inside
That the key is in our hands, we'll reach out for the skies
But the choice we have to make is waiting our heart
Will you understand? Before the end
Will you understand? Rise before the end

We sail the ocean of fate
We dive as one into the silent s***e
Do you remember the days when we were young?
And the dream of love that shone inside our souls?
There's a light for mankind, here, inside us all
Will you come with us on our way back home?...

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