Too $hort feat. FM Blue Oakland Style Lyrics

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Yeah! That's how we do it in Oaktown, baby
$hort Dog's on the microphone
Straight from the East Side

I'm a player, *****, Oakland style
They call me playboy $hort, I know it's been a while
Since dangerous crew took the time to say hello
************s makin' money in the ghetto
It's just another day and it's way too real
All my *****es cut, so what? That's how I feel
It's all good so just make me rich
And get in where you fit in, *****
Well, I get high cause that's what I do
What about you? Tell me is it true?
I heard you was through, your *** went broke
Jewelry got pawned and your cars got sold
But on the long run you got nothin' to prove
Life to me is like a funk in the groove
You gotta get right in where you belong
Find a right mission and ride the song

Ride it
Oakland style

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