Mercyful Fate Nuns Have No Fun Lyrics

[Verse One]
Upon a cross a nun will be hanged
She will be raped by an evil man
Knock spikes through her hands
Things won't come she won't understand
You're a nun you haven't had no fun
Living your life as virgin queen
I'm gonna change it and I'll get it done
Tomorrow you won't be a virgin queen

C. U. N. T
That's what you are
You're C. U. N. T

[Verse Two]
I get it up, I get it up in the dark
I make her feel I'm not a holy man
Faster breathing, she's like a shark
She wants more, I'm gonna give her my cross

Nuns have no fun
They just have their fathers and sons
But I'll give them hell
I never fail

[Verse Two]


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