Dog Eat Dog Numb Lyrics

Could I fly around the world
If my wings were really broke
And see so clearly
Drowning in grey smoke
I've got to stay quiet
But there's so much to say
If I could feel my arms
I'd push it all away
I know there is a future
And the best is still to come
When all I have are feelings
Why am I always
Wishing that a moment
Was really like an hour
Then every penny that I earn
Could balance out the dollar
Something that's spent on patience
Would make me patron saint
You know I might be ordained today
I guess I'll have to wait
Hurry up and wait
Gotta break it out
Gonna turn the lights on
See what's there for me
Take a look around
With an open shutter
There's a world to see

Written by: Brandon Finley, Dave Neabore, John Martin Connor, Marc Jan Jeanne De Backer, Scott Mueller, Sean Kilkenny
Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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