Fates Warning Nothing Left to Say Lyrics

I remember the endless longing
That called inside of me,
From fountains of expression,
Trying to break free.
Nothing left to say
When the walls give way.
Still, I can faintly recall
The subtle purity
Of youthful inspiration
And insecurity.
Nothing left to say,
When the child finds his way.
Pride, and the drive that started the dream,
Turned, in time, to an endless obsession.
Caught in a vicious circle of compulsion.
Possessed by the goal and the possession.
Desires bind the truth to secrecy,
But behind the aspirations I see
A life devoted to blind ambition.
And a mortal man searching for eternity
Behind the desires.
And the wall that gave way.
There's a forgotten cause,
Consumed by the day,
Behind the ambitions
Of a child who found his way.
There's a cold realization
That our deeds die with the day.
And behind the disguise
Of a man with a cause,
There's a child screaming.
With nothing left to say,
Paralyzed by inhibitions
And indecisions,
What once was a release
Is now a prison.

Written by: Matheos

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