The Del McCoury Band Nothin' Special Lyrics

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You've heard a life of luxury is every girl's dream

Lookin' for a millionaire to build her self esteem

But my interest don't fall in monetary desires

Just a steady dose of passion baby's all I require

Nothin' special

I'll take what you've got and be satisfied

Nothin' special

Don't claim to be greedy or dignified

Nothin' special

All I need is you here by my side

Nothin' special

Nothin' special for me

Don't need no pearls or no diamond rings

No trips to Paris for a weekend fling

Just your sweet kiss is all that you need to bring

Cause honey I'm not into all those fancy things

You can keep your lavish parties with your caviar

No need for modern fashions or a brand new car

No fancy mansions with my breakfast in bed

Just satisfy my hunger with your loving instead

Don't need a shrink to tell me what I'm feeling inside

Honey give me half a chance and I'll let you decide

I'm no women's lib but Lord I sure ain't no slave

Your warm and tender body is the only thing I crave


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