Faithless Not Enuff Love Lyrics

Now when you climb
Into your bed tonight
And when you lock
And bolt the door
Just think of those
Out in the cold and dark
'Cause there's not enough love to go round

Now when you climb [fade]
And when you lock [fade]
Just think of those
out in the cold and dark
'Cause there is not enough love to go round

I tell you, wake up
You people need a shake up
You take up so much time
Worrying, scurrying
Here, there
Losing your hair
No money to spare
No love to share
No wonder you appear under pressure from here
You look fresher
But all I got is dirt in my hair
My nightmares manifest
But I can escape
Your's is in your chest
With no form or shape
The tape is running
I push the button to send
Upon each other we all depend
Message end

Whoever asks my name
Or where I came from
People fear contamination
If they chary too long
I carry a strong
Scent of despair
It's in the air
I'm broken and hard to repair
I may mistaken be
But I patiently wait
On the path to humanity
I sit at the gates

[Chorus: Repeat 2X]

Dirty, cold, hurting, sold
Down the river
My liver in bad condition
Like my skin
Rain falling, once again
I'm in my bed
Hurt the time in
I'm gonna struggle for air
There's hair in my food
When I get it usually someone already half ate it
I try not to let it
Get me down
But my head's starting to pound
People go round, and round and round

From one I get a cigarette
A little more love found
But the ground is still wet
My teeth are chattering
And there's a spattering of seeds
Sometimes I lose all feeling in my feet
When I sleep I'll do my deep in the mainstream
But unaccountably my heart has grown
Small and mean
I hurry past
Retched people I pretend I haven't seen
But there's money in my pocket
And my clothes are clean

(Repeat 4X)
I said money in my pocket
But I just can't give no love
Money in my pocket
But I just can't give no love

'Cause there's not enough love to go round

Written by: Ayalah Deborah Bentovim, Mark Ashton, Graham Frederic Stansfield, David Kaffinetti, Stephen Gould, Joe Gibson, Rollo Armstrong, Maxi Jazz, Dennis Brown

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