Divine Lust Nosferatu's Despair (Aeon's Cry) Lyrics

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I sit alone at night
and hold on to memories
of all the women I once had
in time they perish and die

When the came cliff for you
you took away my last sunrise
through this painful loneliness
that I still can't justify

Lips of thorns
hair of fire
Aeon's cry
take me higher

Summer's eve can't erase
this winter I'll bear inside my heart
save me from this torment
now our souls are torn together

I sit alone at night
and still ain't got you to tell
am I a shell of a man
or just a man inside a shell?

Well, I'm trapped since you left
and I'm too sad to be afraid
How can I go on living
Since I'm just Wrath in Earth's domains?

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