Harmful Nonplussed Lyrics

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Juggle - stay nonplussed Nonplussed and downcast Marked by a loss of touch
...knew I couldn´t trust him ...another take-in
Solid waste matters pass... take another lucky dip? Just pick out one, pick out some... to recruit some new members
Catch one´s breath and do a right about turn Powder-keg Pick out one, pick out some...
Diverse, lawful... constraints on immoral behaviour
Pick out one, pick out some... a lucky dip?
Apoplexy.136 Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Apoplexy.136
  • 2 Roughshod
  • 3 Nonplussed
  • 4 One-Sided
  • 5 Lummox
  • 6 Setback
  • 7 Burst
  • 8 W.A.L.
  • 9 Several Manners
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