Neil Diamond No Words Lyrics

No words could say, how I love you
No words could be as true
I've looked through books and read through the dictionaries
But I found no words for you
No words no words no words
Oh no oh no

No words can define what I'm feeling
When I feel close to you
No words can bring that magic kind of heeling
Just as much as your touch can do

[Chorus: ]
No words, no words, no words
Oh no oh no no words

Well I'll admit there may be one or two
That danced around in my head
But words that talk about me and you
Are better felt than said there are no

Words that can tell our story
They just get in the way
It's all about the feelings that you're feeling
Now about the words that you say

[Chorus: Repeat 2X]

Well I'll admit there may be one or two
Been swimming 'round in my head
But what they say about me and you
Is better felt then said there are no

There are no words
Words that can solve life's mystery
Or explain God's eternal plan
We only knows enough to ask the questions
Not enough to understand


Written by: Neil Diamond
Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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