Guided by Voices No Welcome Wagons Lyrics

Selective Service Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Dayton, Ohio-19 Something and 5
  • 2 Travels
  • 3 No Welcome Wagons
  • 4 Selective Service
  • 5 Total Exposure
  • 6 Cold War Water Sports
  • 7 The Wheel Hits the Path (Quite Soon)
  • 8 Stifled Man Casino
  • 9 Peroxide
  • 10 Eskimo Clockwork
  • 11 In the Brain
  • Sure enough fire and the dog barks
    Let's get acquainted
    Been so many days or should I say
    "So long"
    On the outset jets coming
    People tend to take you away
    Send me to the grip of funerals
    The pain is in each character
    Facing it always does
    Wake up and pray tell
    Where can we get off
    Lean one
    Double up your fists for the undercut
    Pandemonium subsides
    Rest assured
    No welcome wagons will be there
    When I get home

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