HateSphere No Sense Lyrics

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I want to see blindness
I want to feel alive

yesterday I ran like the wind
and seemed to be ahead of everything
today I stopped for a while
in the midst of my own eternity
I need a question
to find the answer

I've always walked with you
for a second, walk with me
don't seek eternity

why am I damned to freedom,
when I'm better off enslaved?
I would laugh and I would smile
come on and chain me for a while

you should tear off my ears
you should stab out my eyes
you should lock me in a chamber
so I could feel alive

I've been swimming in this lake
now I am drowning
today the water froze to ice
although the sun was shining

now I can hear nothing
now I can see nothing
now I can feel everything

HateSphere Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Hate
  • 2 Picture This
  • 3 Addicted Soul
  • 4 Bloodsoil
  • 5 Down for Good
  • 6 No Sense
  • 7 Preacher
  • 8 Dead
  • 9 Ill Will
  • 10 Restrain
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