Lame Ducks No Respect Lyrics

... Are You Lame or Something? Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Intro
  • 2 Lies
  • 3 Day by Day
  • 4 Helpless
  • 5 W.I.M.Y.
  • 6 Pushed
  • 7 Our Own Salvation
  • 8 Gonna Break It
  • 9 No Respect
  • 10 Better of This Way
  • 11 Here It Ends
  • 12 Look Back
  • 13 Walk of Life
  • 14 I Got No
  • 15 To All My Friends

  • When you start to talk to me,
    I always try to be polite in every way.
    But still you show no respect.

    It's so hard to be nice,
    when I just feel like I get nothing in return.
    It's time you start to learn
    that this is not the way to treat anybody.
    So stop talking shit to me!

    I can't believe that you can't see
    that this is not the way to make yourself new friends.
    Start to think about your self.

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