Bright Eyes No Prayer Lyrics

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There's no prayer I could say, no advice I could take
No pill that would make me feel better
There's no fountain to see, no cup I could drink.
I know of nothing that ever grew younger
But the universe, it must go on forever
Just like two mirrors that are facing each other
It's reality upon illusion
over and over until you can't tell the difference
they both just blend together.

And I just put each day in a box on a calender
Winter to summer
And I'll go walking in that same circle
for as long as I can remember
I just keep hoping that someone would make me a better offer
'Cause I know the end that we see from our balcony
is barely the beginning

So I'm up on the fence and I'm still not convinced
Can't decide which side looks greener
So I just stay where I am
Remain indifferent
What happens, what's happened
It's easier

I'll go ahead and drown myself in the fluids of another
Yeah my woman to me was as pure and essential as water
And so she looked like me for awhile but she does no longer
'Cause she took the shape of whatever it was that held her
She killed the fear in my heart but our love also got murdered.
She said, "My child you can no longer sing of that fever
'Cause it's selfish and you are not selfish.
You must get stronger."
So I know when your lover leaves
I guess all you can be
is forgiving

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