Atreyu No One Cares Lyrics

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Verse 1
All Welled Up
I Can Taste The Winter
I Would Shut Up If
I Thought That It Mattered
That What It Feels Like
When Your Stitched Into This Skin
I feel Stuck
And No One Thinks Somethings Missing
Somethings Missing

No One Cares
No One Listens
Screaming Words
That You Fake Hearing
No One Cares
No One Listens Anymore

Verse 2
My Eyes Burn
As Im Bury How Im Feeling
Close My Eyes
Its My Life That I Have Been Stealing
Its Alright Why Do I Feel
A Senses Of Wronging
I Had It All!
And Yet I Thought That Somesthings Missing
Somethings Missing


So Paranoid
Iv Been Hiding From The Sun
Im Tired Of Being Afraid Of Everything
And Everyone
Im So Tired!


Written by: Brandon Saller, Daniel Dan Jacobs, Ektor Alex Varkatzas, Porter Marc Mcknight, Travis Miguel
Lyrics © Walt Disney Music Company

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