Hank Williams No, No Joe Lyrics

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Steel guitar intro

Now look her Joe quit acting smart
Stop being that old brazen sort
Don’t you go sellin’ this country short?
No, no, Joe

Just because you think you’ve found
The system that we know ain’t sound
Don’t you go throwin’ your weight around?
No, no Joe

Coz the Kaiser tried and Hitler tried it
Mussolini tried it too
Now they’re all suttin’ around a fire and did you know
They’re saving place for you

Now Joe you ought to get it clear
You can’t push folks around with fear
Coz we don’t scare easy over here
No, no Joe

Fiddle and steel guitar break

What makes you do the things you do?
You getting’ folks mad at you
Don’t bite off more than you can chew?
No, no Joe

Coz you want a scrap that you can’t win
You don’t know what you’re getting in
Don’t you go around leading with your chin?
No, no Joe

Now you got tanks some fair size tanks
But you’re acting like a clown
Don’t go Yanks a mess of Yanks
And you might get caught with your tanks down

Don’t go throwin’ out your chest
You’ll pop the buttons off you vest
You’re playing with a hornet’s nest
No, no Joe

Fiddle and steel guitar break

You know you think you’re somebody we should dread
Just because you’re seeing red
You better get that foolishness out of your head
No, no Joe

And you might be itching for a fight
Quit braggin’ about how your bear can bite
Coz you’re sitting on a keg of dynamite
No, no Joe

Steel guitar for ending