Venin Noir No Meaning Lyrics

In Pieces on the Lunar Soil Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Better Days Never Come
  • 2 The Wine
  • 3 Redemption Through Pain
  • 4 A Letter to a Narrow Allegiance
  • 5 Soothe the Wrath of God
  • 6 Waiting on Your Fall
  • 7 No Meaning
  • 8 The Lunar Soil, Part I: A View to Yesterday
  • 9 The Lunar Soil, Part II: Perfect and Cold

  • ["People who are used to living their lives searching for a meaning in everything tend to suffer more. Some deeds we just have to do without asking, some fears are just overcame by lying, some promises just have no meaning. So, the way out that's left to us is defying mourning by pretending it's not there."]

    Life's a deed I deny, a mission I regret
    A mourning I defy...and there's no meaning.
    Life's a promise I repent, I'm no deceiver
    A letter never sent - now I'm searching for a meaning
    I'm not the weaker, but just the leftouts of my rage

    So flatly committed to life
    Perseverance wants to fail me
    An engine that slays my soul
    For suffering is my creed
    I call it a fear of failing
    Nearly facing this task, what you call will
    For all the lies we tell were never meant to be...
    There's no meaning

    When a word is worthless, it seems so wasted
    And the hardship of living is a fine sweet funny play
    We stood pretending nothing would be in our way

    Answers we can't hear
    Unreachable, emphasize this mystery
    And the enemy that we don't fear
    Endeavors my victory

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