Annihilator No Love Lyrics

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You nail yourself like Jesus
Posing on a cross
You're waiting for the saviour
You're waiting to get off
I seen you in the movies
I've passed you on the street
I saw you walk on water
Or was that make-believe
There is no love anymore
I am hanging helpless here
In front of you

A broken toy, a puppet
That no one wants to use
I try to wake you slowly
You push me to the ground
Loathe the final round
There is no love anymore
I throw myself at the sky
And fall back to the ground
I throw myself off the earth
And you don't hear a sound
Trapped in rage, but you won't listen
Bursting veins, but you won't listen
There is no love anymore
Remains Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Murder
  • 2 Sexecution
  • 3 Dead Wrong
  • 4 Wind
  • 5 No Love
  • 6 It's You
  • 7 I Want
  • 8 Tricks & Traps
  • 9 Human Remains
  • 10 Never
  • 11 Reaction
  • 12 Bastiage
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