Rascalz No Idea Lyrics

No idea...
these guys really really don't know what's going on

You have
No idea that I know,
Exactly, what is going on?
That's where you're wrong

[Red 1]
my situation
they can't be patient with concentration
only concentrating on what i'm statin'
when i'm relating on the misfit
Catch your pressure points
by the dreaded fist of the northwest
ya you know the one
who bless
once you see the threat
so ya pick up your chest
you ain't steppin' on
just rapping on a little friendship
hoping to buy a little time
keep your fraudulent complements
evident when incensed into my residence
dead presidents
so i play along
no idea that you are wrong
But I really know what is going on
Before I boost up the social ladder
I guess I am the top secret weapon
in operation propaganda
The man said you stop it here
yo, who you think you fooling?
the devil anticipates at will

You have
No idea that I know,
Exactly, what is going on?
That's where you're wrong

no idea
a true statement
going out to those who talk before they think
A mark of the weak
Link in this chain
we maintain, survive the game
crack the whip
Now watch this
tripping on his own tongue and saliva
watching it slip due to his on his track
i extract you from the whack
when you see the difference
More, and you will
also known how to subtract
The formula remains the same except those
grapevine lane
story telling names you had
no idea, no idea of right or wrong
no idea, so I had to write this song
no idea of right or wrong
no idea so I had to wrote this song
now, on to paragraph 2
let me show you had I threw this together
How I trademark all the clever
Going out to those who have no idea
of what to say
no idea, no idea
of what you display
is an empty head
in the wrong direction
in the section
pay attention to the intersection
coming in on high speed
Cuz you be like a drunk driver on this mic
give my props to my soul brother number one
Romeo and the man Mis
it's how we do
the fresh story
slang of the misfit
you gotta stop and look both ways
like your mother told ya that's what you gotta do
these days to survive in life
check that
get the primary evidence going in
the story before you tell it to another
Exaggerating don't work in these parts
49th parallel
Kemo, Red One and the Misfits
giving you the right side of things

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