Copywrite No Games Lyrics

Are we going
Are we going
Are we going, shit?

So listen close
Let it begin
Who ,what ,why and when?
Jumping straight from the five to the frying pan
Head them straight from the zoo to the lion's den

177,18, no ,19
Let's wait it to stay clean
Let's call it court
A small town boy carrying his guitar
But his parents think something's wrong
They speak, he doesn't hear
He's just running along
He is amazed of that dead man
He even plays with his left hand
The man might bug
But he's full of pain cause he can't find love
He rocks hard every show he has
A rock star, yeah, he knows he's bad
He won't bend the '
No sale out
Won't change up his brilliant methods
Fast forward he lost his spark in his eyes
And he became everything he ever criticized
Picked up an old habit
Put his house on flames
But what have happened if he hadn't signed that deal?

No game,no gain
But this life ain't playin' no games
This life ain't playin' no games

So he never signed that deal
Fuck it!
Sure, his best friend Chris was pissed
But he's passive aggressive, he bit his lip
But this was his decision
He wanted to go on tour and have 7 million fans screaming his name
But he stayed straight edge
And now he's waking up at 3 am in the morning to change diapers
He's ignoring his depression, won't see a doctor
He wouldn't kiss his daughter, should have got some help
He stayed in his garage and had the shotgun shell

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