Dog Eat Dog No Fronts Lyrics

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featuring RZA

No fronts no tricks no soap box politics

No guns just blunts we kick this just for fun

We come with the fat joints

To uplift the moods

Big up to people catchin' on this groove

This is Dog Eat Dog not a snitch or a snoop

I might chew a bone but don't call me pooch

We're not braggin No

Are we laggin Never

I can already see we got your tail waggin'

I could doggy bad ya

Or have you for lunch

The answer is no now - who fronts?

Introducing the kids who get loose

Microphone check one to the deuce

Deuce to the tre relax and parlay

With the 4-5-6 we roll hits

Flip the script to move your hips

Flavor we kick the boom to the bip

The boom to the bap ABK type fat

Strapped with crazy herbs and that's that

Alright kid what ya want ya get

S.G. Dog Eat Dog represent

You know the time so act like you know

Listen to the way this ill **** flow

We travel around all boro, any city

Some got beef but they won't get to me

If you come correct and your vibes are true

Peace to your crew

We're looking out for you

Written by: Dan Nastasi, Dave Neabore, David Maltby, John Martin Connor, Sean Kilkenny
Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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