Rockie Fresh No Fear Lyrics

Driving 88 Track Listing
Digital Media 1
  • 1 Into the Future
  • 2 Driving 88
  • 3 Never Never
  • 4 Dont Worry
  • 5 You a Lie
  • 6 Turn It Up
  • 7 Twenties
  • 8 How We Do
  • 9 Come Around
  • 10 No Fear
  • 11 Respected
  • 12 Interlude
  • 13 Where I Wanna Be
  • 14 Doesn't Matter
  • 15 I Love It
  • 16 So Long
  • [Intro:]
    One of these days, the sky's gonna break
    Everything will escape
    And I know
    One of these days, the mountains are gonna fall into the sea
    And they'll know
    It's you and I who made for this
    I was made to taste your kiss
    We were made to never fall away

    [Verse 1:]
    Reporting live from Chicago
    Where they tell me I'm the future, but I ain't promised tomorrow
    I got my own style that niggas trying to borrow
    Been rocking that Leaders, knew that they soon would follow
    Shit's real

    If I said it, I meant it; this ain't just money talking
    You would think that I ran a trap house, Macaulay Culkin
    But I'm never home alone, with a couple girls that's gone and
    Wet as water, I'm the bone, both her hair blowing
    Surprised by what is going on, we ain't perplexed
    Cause them hoes would get removed if they ever fucked with my checks
    And a couple white boys tried to tell me I wasn't next
    Then they learned to love a nigga, American History X
    And later history check, you'll see this where my world begins
    Way this shit is going down, it'll probably never end
    Your rules are irrelevant, I'm a just do what I choose
    From the city of wind, means that I will never lose

    Girl, when the lights go down
    And the blunts go out
    I'm still there
    When they ask bout me
    Tell them that I have no fear
    See, I have no fear

    [Verse 2:]
    See, even though a nigga winning
    Staying humble is still my game plan
    Niggas talking shit about me
    I ain't really phased, man
    Most of them be bluffing
    They ain't talking bout nothing
    Plus the same boys learned about the streets watching Gangland - fuck em
    But love to the ones that respect these g moves
    Even got love for the ones that wanna see me lose
    We cool just as long as you let this bitch breathe
    When I walk in this room, don't be surprised if your bitch leave
    She sees I'm killing, you sleeping, this is your wake
    But she also going off of the money she think I make
    Like the grass is cut low, I can easily see a snake
    And when shit gets real, you can easily see a fake
    I always have what it takes, now I'm needed and I'm wanted here
    Meant to be, I'm sure of that; I'm living out my wonder years
    God's the only one to fear, but men can take your life away
    So if it ends tomorrow, then I gotta live my life today
    And say...


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