Kenny Rogers No Dreams Lyrics

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No one could ever say that I didn’t try
To save what once was mine
Oh girl, you once were my whole life
But I don’t think time will ever let love be
The master of our destiny
Oh, if that’s the way it must be.

Then there’ll be no dreams for me tonight
No more grand schemes to try to make you mine
‘cos no dreams are gonna change the way you feel
guess I’ll just go somewhere, and hide away and heal.

Maybe some day you’ll have a second thought
About the love that we just lost
God, I hope you do
But baby tonight, you're saying and let you go
Get used to being on my own
Oh girl, if you really should, really should …

Then there’s no …

I could tell you the minute
That your heart stopped being in it
It’s too late for dreams
No matter how magic they may be
‘cos no dreams … are gonna change the way you feel...


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