Obie Trice No Disrespect Lyrics

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Things ain’t the same for gangstas
And skinny jeans ain’t it changed the game up,
Ocean out the closet, Russel applaud in
Hip hop awards check for Antoine Dodson
No diss to Russel, my social environment
No dick can touch you, what’s the culture inspiring
I know hip-hop growth creates gross,
But most shit in hip hop now is just groass
I ain’t the mad rapper, I’m just mad at rap
I could give a shit, I own a platinum plaque
My catalogue already tells all that
The stories I spat, the homes where I trap
The homies that never made it out, who got clapped
The homies is never coming out ’cause of a rat
Splinters and your thumb nails snitchin on your Twitter
That’s the shit I don’t like, that’s a deal killer

But Raphael will prevail, straight out the sewer
Turn my DAS EFX up, so your ears can view em
Hopefully they young consumer ain’t ruin
From all this bullshit, and music they consuming

I don’t know what this game came to
When your swag's not clean
And you looks not mean, you know what?
Tighten em up give 'em skinny jeans

I don’t know what this came came to
When your record move slow and your fan base low
You know what, we’re gonna do you a reality show

Under 20 thou on the Twitter
I don’t give a shit O-Trice a pinch hitter
In the clinch I run base to crack pinches
Nowadays molly make the silly guilt guide free
Everybody goons, no ice, hockey
You niggas ain’t be hot, ya'll box sloppy
Hope you niggas sticky old pace,
Copy, copy, copy.

Song’s not over.
It is.
No it’s not over.
It is
It's not what I pay you for. Listen.
I need you to continue to make music,
I need you to do this whole song.
I don’t want you to stop now,
So next tape.
My son'll listen to you on his iPod, listen to you on his iPad, his iBalls
And I bought your record.
Put on your skinny jeans, extra tight around the waist
Extra tight around the balls
Yes, we like to see that, do it!
Not happening
Look I don't care if you have more than 32
And your kid's in middle school
I want you to put it on, get out there
And make us some money buddy!
Not happening!
Well I'll go find somebody else that'll love to put on skinny jeans.
The new thing is a dress
The new thing is a dress, that's the new thing
We're gonna dresses next
Not happening,
I control hip-hop music, not you!
(Make us some money buddy!)
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