GunPlay No Church Lyrics

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This is the fucking shit I be talking about
Half rapping ass motherfuckers
You think it’s a game, you think it’s a fucking game
Come on

You know how it go, for life my nigga, on sight my nigga
Die slow, my nigga, copy, ten four my nigga
Real nigga online and I came just in time
You gotta go get yours but I came strapped with mines
Motherfucker don’t play with me, run up and hang with me
And the ak with me, all day with me and I got stones, pocket full of those
And I got hoes I couple of them yos
Hold up, MMG that’s murda, mayhem godamn it that’s me
CCC, Carol City Cartel, go hard here for the fee
Fuck how you feel, give a fuck who you is, what you bout
What you done, who you killed
I stunted all on any motherfucker out here
That’s word to every motherfucker not here
I could smell the money, macaveli money
Bounty on your brain, that’s psychedelic money
I don’t ask if I could, I’m good, shoot
Putting down at your baby mama crib like a brew
I sell anything, coke, amphetamines, 44 loaded next to the king James
Low life, my niggas all sting rays
Hey, mobbed tied to the string rate
One time for the inmates, my nigga B Boy, my nigga V Ray
My nigga Kaino, they gon’ be straight
This for the robbers shaking all the cops on the e way

No church for the rats nigga, nigga

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