Kano Nite Nite Lyrics

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Mike Skinner]
Seriously man,
Like, you know when you got a good girl,
Or you know when she means something to you, & you got like, a name.

[Leo The Lion]
Here we go again
Here we go

[Mike Skinner]
Like I had a name for this girl, I used to call her "Ladybird",
Cos she always played red, in Connect Four.

[Leo The Lion](Chorus)
Link em & leave then em high,
I've been tellin all my man's for time,
Link em and then leave em high,
They never take my advice,
But now I realise, I realise why,
They have not been listening all this time,
Cos since I linked you, last night,
I wont be taking my advice

I call her "Nite nite"
But we getting on fine right,
I don't wanna spoil it,
I don't why I can't commit to girls,
And I tell white lies, I'll find out the hard way,
Cos she got my favourite smile, her favourite style,
The first hotel, My favourite time,
And maybe later we could have a baby, maybe a baby boy, my
favourite child,
"I'm way too tired", My favourite lie,
i wasnt too sure of her favourite rhyme
The windows are steaming up like it's naked time,
Wait, we're way too bait,
I bought her favourite shoes, or they better be,
And she's even my favourite size,
And she knows I hate holding hands, and I'm hooded up when it's
bait inside,
So I guess she's my favorite, right?

[Leo the Lion]
Cos nothing comes close to you.

So numbers? No boys are taking yours,
And no girls are taking mine,
Groupies? **** that, I'm taking time,
We speak from like 8 till late at night,
When we gets on top, drop my favourite line:

[Leo the Lion]
Girl, I ain't going nowhere.

I plain ain't going nowhere,
But, I like you, and it might take some time,
But really I'm like:

[Leo the Lion & Kano]
Here we go again,

[Leo the Lion](Chorus)

I call her sometimes, and I wake her up at some dumb times,
Touch my phone, and her number my thumb finds,
Cos she's ideal, like a nice meal,
and a night in, with a nice feel,
Maybe some wine,
Maybe sometime we could hold hands in the park, in the sunshine,
Be patient with me if I got 3 raves in 1 week,
Or in a studio, away for a week,
One we could book a vacation and leave,
But please: "No drama", I don't need beef like (?)
I'm just focused on making the peas, Breaking the team, Chasing a
I ain't on the street, maybe sometimes,
But you can't say I don't make enough time,
We speak everyday and meet everyweek,
So I dunno. Maybe it's me.
You? You got it planned out,
I don't make plans,
You know me, I wait and I see,
But if we were together, or even now,
If we weren't "sort-of", but were together,
Would you be faithfull to me?
Treat me massage me and make me a tea?
Come link me, lay and wake up from sleep, and look hot like 80

[Leo the Lion]
And you know I never say that sort of thing

See? That's an angel to me
I wouldn't have said that before, you get me?

[Leo the Lion](Chorus)

[Leo the Lion]
No, no, no, no, no, no
Oh my, my, ow,
Baby we could do this again sometime,
I even have a special name for you,
It's "Long Baby", cos you always on my mind, yeah.
I'll tell you straight, so straight, yeah,
I won't tell my mates,
No, no, I know, No, I know,ohhh
Yeah I like you,
Here we,
Here we go again,
Here we,
Here we go again.

Written by: Michael Geoffrey Skinner, Kane Robinson
Lyrics © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.

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