The Fold Ninja Go! Lyrics

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Going Full! OH!
Digital! WHOAH Danger's lurking in the depths of Ninjago
Where it stops no one knows
Into the system we must trave unbeknowst
Strike the source where it glows
The future calling in a world we've never known
The Digiverse is gonna learn just how we roll
We're going Full Digital
New Ninjago City is home
By going Full Digital
It's getting tricky, there's a thousand ways to go
Where they lead, we don't know
Tine is ticking, we must practise mind control
Hold our thoughts 'til they grow
The system is calling us to save it from its own
We give it all for Ninjago, we know, we know
Whoah, Ninjago, Whoah, Whoah, Whoah
AY-YA-EE-YA-AY-YA-EE-YA-OH, NINJAGO!!! They say stop and we say go
Keep us in line and under control
We're gonna rise, Yeah, We're gonna grow
Keep hope alive in Ninjago Let's go
Going full! OH!
Digital! WHOAH!

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