Kill Your Ex Nine Point Eight Lyrics

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What if I ruled the world? Such a callous position. There would not be scars on your heart for leaving the entire world. Where's my heaven? We're all going to burn in hell. I killed an angel. She fell from sky like Jesus Christ. There's no salvation from the wounds we have. Reprimanded for actually having a spine. Won't come back for you Once it grows it starts to burn You're a grown man After this there's nothing else. Passion steals us. Once you fall your worlds a fake. I sing out for you. Sing it loud and sing it proud. The road is moving faster then we are. The stars are fading. Let's like the sky again tonight. Their skepticism are bullets in my gun. But no, gravity always pulls me back to earth. One by one, we will form into what we can't control. You got me all figure out; don't laugh so hard

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