Slum Village Nightmares (No Mas) Lyrics

No me habla

I had a dream that I was falling off a cliff
I was left so my life fleeted out
It’s like a dark colorless slow motion moving backwards like a action scene
Imagine this yo, imagine how a ten starts runnin quick
Out of my mind, out of my shit
Wondering how I just jumped into this movie clip, flip
Like Truman I’m on drop
Did a sprint then I ran like a quarter of block
Headed to a restaurant, it was the opposite way
It was a chinese mob boss, eating chicken chow ming
When he saw me, his face turned as red as a flame
I told him eat the dick, flip the table, dashed in the opposite way
Wish I could’ve told you macks didn’t spray
But they did like Aerosol, saw bearing two’s with a pair of guns
I was gone
Hit the window, crashed
Landed on the back, full of trash
You suckas gotta catch because I’m fast
Bumped into a old lady, excuse me she said

I was dreaming when I wrote this
So forgive me if it goes astray
When it started I was drowning in the ocean
But my girlfriend saved my day
For a second saw my life fade away
And all of a sudden had a hand full of razorblades
The grenades and the rainbow with it
Throwing the fucking gay parade
But a Chris box turned for the firm wearing finger wax
At a ice-cream stand, selling lemonade for days
Now I’m on Youtube, looking for ways to blast
Now I’m in the studio, tryna change the fraze

Mind playin, tricks on me
Like I’m, insane
Cold sweats, in the nighttime
Dreaming of my life, dreaming of the pain
Nightmares isn’t really real

I was dreaming when I wrote this
When this real talking quote this
Marijuana thoughts, cocaine dreams
Devil to the world, god to the fiends
I rose and the voice not
Peanut butter seats with the top down
Jewelries so exclusive
Think I never get caught, so elusive
Break bread daily, never stale
Weigh money, can’t count it, put it on a scale
Ballin like Rondo, triple double
Didn’t listen to the wisdom, keep it subtle
Got greedy, forgot the folks roostalini
You lose your soldiers if they ain’t eatin
Ambush on my ride, 20 shots
Is that a heaven for a G? My last thoughts


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