Fabulous Disaster Nightliner Lyrics

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I don't think I'll recover
I don't think I'll return
You took my heart, broke it in two
Then made me watch it burn
I'm really on my own now
I feel so all alone
I get that sinking feeling
I won't be coming home


You made me realize
All that I have to learn
You opened up my eyes
Now I deserve a turn
I get all choked up thinking
We coulda had it all
Instead you cut the rope
And enjoyed watching me fall

Panty Raid! Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Next Big Joyride
  • 2 No Stars Tonight
  • 3 Collide
  • 4 My Addiction
  • 5 Painkiller
  • 6 Nightliner
  • 7 Bi-Polar
  • 8 Short Fuse
  • 9 Mikey L
  • 10 Don’t Wanna Sleep
  • 11 You Bring Me Down
  • 12 Hey Girl
  • 13 Yesterday’s Gone
  • 14 The Other Day

  • Written by: Paul Buskirk, Walt Breeland, Willie Nelson
    Lyrics © GLAD MUSIC CO.

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