Daiquiri Night Ruiner Lyrics

Babies Making Babies Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Night Ruiner
  • 2 The Romance is Dead
  • 3 Falling Down Hurts
  • 4 Spader vs. Everyone Else Except Downey Jr.
  • 5 Life Ruiner
  • 6 My Idea of Fun
  • 7 We Are in Brandon Walsh
  • 8 Rejected by Science
  • 9 Leaver
  • 10 Faker
  • 11 A Little Glass
  • 12 Babies Making Babies
  • 13 [untitled]
  • There it is, there he is, now I have to go
    Turn around disappear really have to go
    Make a line to the door tapping on my arm
    Turn around blank faced
    Everything is wrong
    Maybe if I'd asked, I would blame myself
    But I didn't ask, go bother someone else
    Give you an inch, you take all night
    Night ruiner, parasite
    Venus fly traps they catch prey the same as you
    They show more compassion than you ever do
    Holding on tight squeezing tight never loosen grip
    Jaws that close jaws that work with or without lips
    I spend too much time trying to pretend
    Best to not engage, your wrath it knows no end

    Scarier that STDs and easier to catch
    Wrong place wrong time
    All you need to contract trapped
    Eye contact leaves you terrified
    Living in terror

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