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Tom Petty Lyrics

There's a shadow on the moon tonight
I swear I see your face
Up there with the satellites
Lookin' down from outer space

Me I'm drifting home again
Headlights in my eyes
Fighting sleep with windows down
Worn out from long goodbyes

Night driver
Drifting home again

You offered up no history
When you blew into town
You remain a mystery
No information found

I speed dial a judgment call
A near miss hits the ground
The new king hides behind the throne
Refusing to be crowned

Night driver
Drifting home again

High tide rumbles PCH
My tires losing tread
Helicopter circling
White beam overhead

Now I sit and count the days
And try to fill my time
There's a shadow on the moon tonight
A dollar gets a dime

Night driver
Drifting home again

Home again

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