Compton’s Most Wanted Niggaz Strugglin Lyrics

Geah. Wutup? The Compton phsyco is back
Here goes something for the *****s

Listen up muther****ers cause its hard times
MC Eiht comin back with the hard rhymes. Geah
So bring your pen and pad and start learnin
And sit your *** down for the Eiht root sermon
You know the hard life comes livin with livin in the ghetto
***** hello, don't be shakey like Jello
And you better know where your from
Or you might catch the blast to your sorry ***. Geah
And the gang bangin done got me in the slum
So I gotta be with it, **** the dumb
Down for the hood, holdin my own
livin it up cause one day I'll be gone. Geah
Now the **** done hit the fan
14 year old ***** headed for the can
Blame it on the world, because everybodies buggin
Can I get help because a *****s strugglin

17 years old kinda crazy
Heard my little freak is pregnant with a baby
So now I gotta pay, and no time to play
cause the muther****in stork is on his way
Hey, ***** give up your ****
and don't be a hero, cause fool I ain't havin it
One more point that got scored
cause lettin you slide I just can't afford. Geah
Just like cats and dogs when it rains
another jacked is the snaps that I gain
So I rush you, quick on the blind side
Better take cover when Eiht starts to hoo-ride
No where to run so you stand and fight
As I macks your *** once good night
A ***** like me 'll keep muggin
Can I get help cause a ***** strugglin

I guess its back to the same old ****
Grab the gat then I make another hit
beggin just ain't friendly
can't get a job at **********in Wendy's
Gotta go out and test my skills
A brother gotta kill to bring home the bills
It ain't the way I was born, the way I grew up
To gets what's yours and don't even give a ****
So ***** gimme what's mines and get on
Punk you know the routine its the same *** song
So don't slip fool or get caught
Riggedy-raised in Compton was the way the Eiht was taught
Gettin my propers, beatin the coppers
This brother gotta have the ends I won't stop the
Puttin in muther****in work
I gotta have the ends cause I'm down for the dirt
Cause a *****s strugglin

Geah, that's how it go down, why'knowutumsayin?
*****s strugglin, can't get none. can't get over. Damn.

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