Blanks 77 Next Generation Lyrics

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There's a place not far away
where we can go to get away
there's no rules and there's no laws
there's no fighting you can't go wrong

cuz we're the next generation
destroy your generation.
Help me up when i'm down and out
hear me scream and hear me shout
time to blow their generation away
let 'em that we're here and we're here to stay


my freedom's been takin' away
don't wanna hear what i gotta say
lock me up and throw away the key
is my destiny.
Killer Blanks Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Party Train
  • 2 Chelsea
  • 3 Punx and Skinz
  • 4 Search and Destroy
  • 5 Next Generation
  • 6 Final Solution
  • 7 Bastards
  • 8 She's Gone
  • 9 Let's Riot
  • 10 Police Attack
  • 11 We're the Ones
  • 12 Spirit of 77
  • 13 What You Get
  • 14 Sick
  • 15 Tension
  • 16 We Don't Need You
  • 17 Automatic
  • 18 Do or Die

  • Written by: Anthony Ca, Darney Rivers, Fred Wesley, Greg Alexander Marius, Gregory Marius, James Brown, Jermaine Denny, Joe Mims, Joe Pellegrino, John Jackson, Remy Smith, Robert Wells, Tiheem Crocker, Zukhan Bey

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