Yukmouth New Testament (Outro) Lyrics

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[Chorus - Kokane]
If you lived my life
You would straight commit suicide
If you look into my eyes of my life
You would straight commit suicide

Lord I sacrifice my life
Just to bring my mama back to life
Just to bring my father back to life
Just to bring my potnas back to life
My father hustled slangin' slabs at night
That got my mama addicted to crack and pipe
Raised in the **********in' 6-5 Village with no gas, no lights
Hungry as **** sleepin' on the floor with an appetite
Me and my sister awake to buckshots and flashin' lights
My father been in jail half his life
Became a black geurrilla family soulja
taught me how to slang blast it right
Considered me a bastard right
Family be the back stabbin' type
My cousin's tried to have me blasted twice
why'all *****s live the average life
Raised in the hills with the wife, then turn gangsta when ya grab the mic
***** I only spit the facts of life
From bein' homeless to sleepin' on them mats at nights
To prayin' for my parents in the afterlife
I still hear whispers, still shiver
Still remember bein' a filthy *** field *****
Payless shoes, rocked clothes from Goodwill *****
Salvation Army just to eat my next meal *****
Where they slang to pay the bills *****
why'all playin' doorbell ditch, I'm dodgin' bullets with them real killas
Drug dealers with wild figgas, all the makin's of a foul *****
Lived off food stamps and medicare stickers
The first and fifthtenth was like like Thanksgivin and Christmas
Cause that's the only time we fitted with food up in the kitchen
Little boys and girls listen
I got so many homies in this world missin' for tryna twirl chickens
Where they taught to pack berattas, stack cheddar
When the Village was termed the Felix Mitchell, D and Black era
Real goodfellas, the whole Ville was down for whatever
Protected by three letters, crazy like Micheal Shellers
Fool I been round since *****s was screamin' rollers
Comin' down finham
When Felix Mitchell shut the block didown
I'm from the block were *****s get killed and shot
While the neighbors sit in the window and watch, don't call the cops
I'm from the block were the twelve year old is gotta play pops
To support my mama and sister, gotta slang rocks
Aim glocks, dodge stray shots, runnin' from cops hoppin' fences
Relentless dreams of havin' a mansion mobbin' Benzes
I used to have visions until I copped my first sentence
For a eleven, three, fifty tossed me a year I straight pimped it
An I lost several ramps, doin' time at camp
Rollin' dice for stamps, why-A commitment if I bamp
Got out with a plan, call Garick my man
They whole time I was locked I wrote **** like Ice Cream Man
An that's a ringup I call Knumskull my *****
Lets call the group the Lunitoonz ***** lets make this scrilla
Hooked up with Chris Hicks and Dru Down my *****
Dropped this album I'm still slangin' pounds and zippers
Then dropped the first underground album around *****s
Like Teddy Bohana and Supa Side them down *****s
Around the same time my mama died so tragic
I'm in traffic with gats up under the mats, cracked wrapped in plastic
Triple beam, be -12, and seran wrap, money rubberband wrapped
Second album goes gold they can't stand that
In 95 the year my pops died
Start ballin' in 96 when Pac died
Bought me a Lexus, start catchin' hawkeyes
Now my family members tryna Suge Knight me
The whole Ville sheisty but now them motha****as don't like me
When I was broke it was all good
When I was smokin' and hav-a-tampa's to the wood it was all good
I been around the world and back **** this small hood
I'm tryna ball and have it all playa we all should
I started off broke as ****, ***** ain't no way to go but up
Now I'm in a Rover truck, smokin' dro, never sobered up
Drinkin' X-O until I throw it up, nobody can flow like Yuk
Hooked up with Rap-A-Lot ***** blow **** up
80 Thousand the first week ***** put them posters up
Tha first ***** with platinum teeth on the west coast is Yuk
*****s probably get smoked just for standin' close to Yuk
I'm blessed with a son and daughter
It's like the reincarnation of my mother and father comtinue the saga
My wife be like a gift from heaven
I would have been slit my wrist and jumped off a cliff
From stressin' maldepression
Life is like a big *** lesson we all go through
Friends you was close to all of a sudden want to smoke you
They all deceitful; I got shot up by a ***** I knew since pre-school
His mama and my mama used to be cool
We from the same street too
That's why I don't creep through
*****s who rob you and try to kill you ain't yo peoples
*****s who beat you with desert eagles ain't yo peoples
*****s who jack you for them kilos that ain't yo peoples
But ain't gonna be no sequel cause next time I'm gonna show em somethin'
Make it out the hood, *****s act like you owe em somethin'
*****s want you to throw em somethin'
I've been robbed, stuffed in a trunk then
Dumped in a ****in' alleyway head lookin' like a pumpkin'
for ****in' with my own cousins
I ask the lord why I'm the worlds most hated
Like Pac they want a ***** ***assinated
Judges give me hundred G bonds for fake *** cases
Bail out, can't be faded, rock platinum bracelets
Hair braided, jewelry like Sammie Davis in Vegas
Smellin' like acres of sticky **** rolled in vega's
Havin' paper comes with a **** load of haters
That's why my only friend is my lord and savior
**** them haters
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