Kaledon New Soldiers for a New Army Lyrics

Legend of the Forgotten Reign - Chapter II: The King's Rescue Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 In the Time
  • 2 Shadow of Azrael
  • 3 Black Sun
  • 4 The Abduction
  • 5 Sad Destiny
  • 6 Valley of the Death
  • 7 Revelation
  • 8 Escape From the Jail
  • 9 Home
  • 10 The New Kingdom
  • 11 New Soldiers for a New Army
  • 12 Revenge
  • 13 A Frozen Dawn
  • 14 The Second Fall
  • The light is on the King
    A new life crosses all the land

    Daeniel trains the soldiers
    To create a mighty army
    And the Guard of the new kingdom

    The children of Kaledon
    work with the swords
    work with the lances
    work with their life

    The sun clear the sky
    The Dragon fly high
    Over the numberless forces
    There is the new Soldiers
    For the new armies
    The Dragon will make them invincible

    The echoes in the valley
    Of the clashing blades
    The air is full of the friendly cries

    An eloquence glance
    Between Daeniel and the King
    and then they look the Dragon in the sky

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