GBH New Decade Lyrics

From Here to Reality Track Listing
  • 1 New Decade
  • 2 Trust Me I'm a Doctor
  • 3 B.M.T.
  • 4 Mass Production
  • 5 The Old School of Self-Destruction
  • 6 You Don't Do Enough
  • 7 From Here to Reality
  • 8 Dirty Too Long
  • 9 Destroy
  • 10 Just in Time for the Epilogue
  • 11 Don't Leave Your Honey Down the Pits
  • 12 Moonshine Song
  • From the slums to the suburbs there's a rallying cry,
    people are kicking authority, blacking its eye.
    It's sure time to party when your freedom comes,
    flowers poking out of the barrels of guns.

    Like a punch-drunk fighter, I see your power fade,
    talking your place in this mad, mad, mad parade.

    You pulled the pin from the last hand-grenade,
    .. .. It's the start of a new decade.

    You'll get your liberation from the soldiers and the cops,
    the new wall is built and that is where the buck stops.
    The underground has risen, select a chosen few.
    So throw out the old, bring in the new.

    You've over-run the ignorant, the bigots and the fools,
    burnin' in the decadence .. the new mob rules.

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