Fordirelifesake Never Isn't Something for Everyone Lyrics

Never isn't something for everyone
You lost your touch. Hiding behind transparent lines. Afraid to fail, so
safe in security. I remember what you always told me. Never isn't
something for everyone. Just give it away. And it seems there will be
nothing to say. Just like you said. And it seems there will be nothing to
say. I never thought your stare could see right through me. I never
thought to see who stood behind me. You lost your touch. Afraid to fail,
so safe, hiding. Just give it away. Just like you said, never, ending.
Can I tear your eyes out to show you what you've become? Is this what
forever feels like? This is the only way my heart knows how to beat. (A
few kisses could make us honest.) And if only one more, make it last

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