Dark Time Sunshine feat. Reva Devito Never Cry Wolf Lyrics

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[Intro: Reva Devito and (Onry Ozzborn)]


You, know, I have
Pointed at you and laughed
I laughed, I laughed
Because you really, (Really what)
Believed I was hurt (Cried wolf)
Yes you came running, (Came running)
As if I deserved your time
(All this time (you laughed) 3x
(Yes all your time (?)

[Hook: Reva Devito and (Onry Ozzborn)]

Im gonna cry, open the sky (because I know your black magic is a white lie)
Up with the sun, hand on my gun (no need to resort to violence if I don't come, come, come)
You don't understand (understand what)
I will take you where the wolf lies dead

[Verse 1: Onry Ozzborn]

She not a wolf anymore, why don't you cry about it
Much more tame, Tawny Kitaen, cry about it
Write your name upon a white snake with a sharpie
Put a plus with her name right next to yours, malarky
But it isn’t, so you etch it in a tree
In hopes that everybody stumbles upon it
When walking home, see
Want everybody to know
You goin' steady like a plastic surgeon's hand, are you ready?
For the rice and confetti
Mixing it in with this rain, why don’t you cry about it?
The augumented pleasure that goes with pain
Hocus pocus, aim sheer, good day
Locomotive, train, all aboard again
Marty McFly Nike, party with five mic’s
Electric chair ride going once or twice, lightning
For shock value the hal no longer happens
We mean it this time, let’s go
Dorothy get them heels clackin’

[Reva Devito]

I took my time now
To think about what I’ve become, become
Perhaps you've changed me, look at this lady
Are you listening, can’t you hear me calling?
I need to know now

[Verse 2: Onry Ozzborn]

Photographic memory ruining boogie monster
I won’t forget the name
No wimpering of the true impostor, They wanna cry about it
Have you come running with a chandelier to put upon the neck
Good will hunting
I heard that yelp, way before the critics chimed in
At frequency only a dog could hear, so I climbed in
Smothered that wolf mother with a sad pillow
Til the cries of the lambs began to teeter, on crescendo
Sad day when I got to use massé
Skating round the issue while fencing, touché
To kill your sportsman, the search of the fox
My basset hound still Baskerville, sipping on scotch
The finer things in life we never cry about
Only watch, listen and learn
I bet on horse number 717 a lot
Give it a go
Gentle woman no fibs or we’ll be forced to focus on
Thugging like lib and Freddie Gibbs


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