The Game Never Be Friends Lyrics

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[Verse 1]
Yeah yo I walk through the valley of death/
Vest on, Teflon none approached in my Reebok sweats/
Black chrome my shoulder, big wheel ‘till it's over/
He never got to see me put black chrome on the Rova/
Reading your obituary wishing we never met/
So I wouldn’t have to shed tears or wake up in cold sweats/
Lookin’ at this bottle of Hennessy wishing you never left/
Wishing I chased your Monte Carlo down and gave you my vest/
Or better yet I wish they never let you out/
Now never got that phone call tellin’ me that you out/
Wish you never signed the release form/
I woudn't have had to clear this sample or use this track to say rest in peace for/

[Verse 2]
Nigga’s politicin’ wanna know why I'm rhymin' different/
My best friend got murdered, homie my mind is different/
If you ain't never spent no time in prison/
You can't understand these bars or the lines I'm spittin'/
Nigga's rallin' me up let's go find a victim/
I can’t do it homie that’s the reason Shyne in prison/
And through devine intervention ten plus years doing crime in the trenches/
Multiply by the time we spent in the kitchen/
And that’s a life worth of hard livin’, Cuban cigar tippin’/
Twelve grey ditichin’ purple serve by the jar sippin’/
If you lost a homie you know friendship is God given/
I’ve done seen the church so much you'd think I was born Christian/
I’ve done seen more dead bodies than a mortician/
Seen nigga’s in and out of county blues like they was born cripin’/
So I’ma keep on livin’ cause when I’m gone nigga’s ain’t gonna do shit/
But fuck my bitch and poor liquor, this one for my nigga's/

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