Antithesis Netherworld Lyrics

Antithesis Track Listing
  • 1 Netherworld
  • 2 Scroll 29
  • 3 Breeding the Beast
  • 4 Sword of Mouth
  • 5 The Curse
  • 6 Limbo
  • 7 The Web
  • 8 Secret Fires
  • 9 Plastic
  • 10 Descend (instrumental)
  • Tossing, turning, restless
    Can not sleep
    Drenched in perspiration
    Dampened sheets
    Nestled in nocturnal darkness lay
    Reeling, my subconscious
    Mind at play

    Drifting, fading, falling
    Losing grasp
    Clinching, gritting, grinding
    Teeth I gnash
    Astroplaning dreamscapes
    I survey
    Out of body, spirit floats away
    Half asleep, half awake
    Upon the edge of twilight
    Past the gate, past the maze
    Guided by your mind's eye

    Exit the realm of reality
    Opening the doors of perception
    Through the corridors
    Of the labyrinth
    Enter the limbic void

    Drawn to moaning voices
    Calling out my name
    I walk into a room
    I thought from which they came
    Bodies wrapped in orgies
    Writhe in mortal lust
    Sculptured figures made of flesh
    Turn into dust

    Right before my eyes
    Changed the scenery
    As the floor falls out
    From beneath me
    Sucked through a hole to an infinity
    Into the vast unknown

    Tormented cries of those
    Cast into the abyss
    The screams descend
    And hallow in eternal pitch
    The vacuum vortex
    Swallows souls
    In swirling stew
    Into the belly of
    Leviathan they spew-
    That's when I woke up

    Lyrics © OBO APRA/AMCOS

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