Kevin Gates Neon Lights Lyrics

Bitch you something so serious
It's recording?
(They say diamonds are forever)
(They say diamonds are forever)

[Verse 1:]
Public thought me a pessimists think my thoughts too pessimistic
Roastin' Garcia Vegas,
Just don't do swishers or rillas
Murder rap, we beat it
2am in two seaters
Yellow things bright embrace
I arch it back and lay
Face down, I'm a gangsta my heart colder than Chicago
This black Impala just sent bullets through my car door
These niggas I've
Been runnin' wit'
Pressure hit they crumblin',
Never had no love in this shit,
Pray to god, somebody please pray for me
Deep conversation was always elated
And then celebrated the things of the past,
Happy belated, while handing her Franklins,
Just thought I was stated, but stated too fast
Went to the pen, and was living upstate
But feel I got away cause I skated with cash
Made crooked lawyers and dirty attorneys,
Who take all your money and say that they working
Fucking with you stuck in this loop you jumping
Through hoops and we running through hurdles
Ain't met ya momma but I told her I promise that when
She around me nothing will hurt her
She do the talking I can't be too perfect
Lean drinking, no Bud Light,
Itching for them chickens
Them idiots must not love life
Free to speak on anything at all,
Before we met, not much belief in
Anything at all
And then we found love under neon lights,
Fluorescent body paint under
While under neon lights.
Lemme get you to sound off loud in here
But say my name, loud and clear,
Watch we wake up all the neighbors when we makin' love
I'm talking naked, making faces, really cuttin' up
In the bathroom, or the shower let this water fall
Like Soulja Slim I got enough dick for all of y'all
Now the luxury whips come equipped with neon lights
Body paint fluorescent under neon lights
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