The Blood Brothers Nausea Shreds Your Head Lyrics

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we live in a glamorous mansion with napalm in the walls.
waterfalls fall like intestines from flying gutted gulls.
we live in a glamorous mansion with fast ghosts in the walls.
my bedroom window looks out on crucified orange groves.
frail fingers in our five-course food.
biblican rains when the midnight maids strip nude.
when the fire's chewing up your walls where you gonna go?
nooses hung from the starts tell me yes or no.
nausea shreds your head.
would you rather be homeless or dead?
when your floor's foaming at the mouth where you gonna run?
french windows passing out drinking all night long?
will you look back?
will you hesitate to leave all your possessions behind?
will you look back?
or are you going to sink with the ship and say everything's alright?
are you gonna jump, jump, jump out the window or burn, burn, burn with the furniture?

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